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I am proud to say that I am making a lot of progress on my coupon book. I have a super cute binder filled with pages upon pages of plastic baseball card holder pages filled with…probably hundreds upon hundreds…of coupons. I absolutely love it. I still need to organize it a little better. But so far, in the past three weeks, I have saved over $60 with my coupons! It’s just like cash. It’s awesome. It’s like they give out free gift cards in the paper. Use them just like cash!

We are settling in here nicely in Korea. We have seen some beautiful palaces, eaten some very odd food, and made some really great friends. Last night, we went out with two other couples to see a free comedy show on the military base. There were three comedians that were performing. One of the guys, Scott Kennedy, goes to military bases all around, including Afghanistan and Iraq 43 times, to entertain troops. He even has all four branches of the military tattooed on his arms. Talk about dedication.

Out of these three guys, only two of them were good. The second guy, however, I really did not like. Not only did I just simply not think he was funny, but I also thought his jokes were extremely offensive. His main subjects of humor involved drugs, porn, and Jerry Springer. To top this story off, I must include that I was sitting at the very front and right in front of the comedians. Let me give you an example. One time, he was telling a joke consisting of watching pornography with your spouse and how his wife has only watched it with him five times since they have been married. At this point, the man made eye contact with me and could see the disgust in my face. All I could think of in my mind was a research paper that I wrote in my Human Sexuality class in college where I researched the effects of pornography in a marriage. The research concluded that it leads to violent sexual acts, a decrease in pleasure in sex in marriage, divorce, and many other terrible things. All of which are statistically proven.

As if this wasn’t enough to make me angry, especially considering that I come from a family who has devoted their lives to save marriages in crisis and we know how lethal pornography is to relationships, at one point during the routine I decided to go get up and talk to Rob who was in the back of the room waiting for a Sprite. So, as I get up to walk back there (and it was a very laid back setting) the comedian says to me, “Yeah, get the hell out of here.” I was infuriated. I was already angry, but now I was furious. Apparently I gave him this look (me and my sister call it ‘the Beam look’) which was just a mixture of these two thoughts: “Oh, no you didn’t” and “Let me give you a piece of my mind.” One guy that saw it as I was passing said, “It was just a joke!” But I was already infuriated, and no one deserves to be talked to like that. Even if his intent was to be funny, he just really struck a nerve.

So I went to talk to Rob and then I sat back down. The man finished out his routine, and at the very end he handed me a free shirt and walked away. He clearly knew that he had offended me and he wanted to try and make it right. I really appreciated the shirt. And I understand his intent of being there was to be funny and light-hearted, but there are plenty of other things in life that bring joy and laughter…not just laughter at somebody else’s sake.

Looking back at the end of the night, I don’t know if I necessarily did the right thing. I am a Christian, so I didn’t want to encourage the kind of humor he was portraying, but I also didn’t want to portray an image like I hated him. I feel like so many things have happened lately where I have seen my lack of patience and knowledge.

I will always put in a plug for Joe Beam’s LovePath 911 seminars. They are the absolute best seminar that anyone could go through for their marriage. Rob and I did it in February, and it has given us priceless tools to use with each other. (find out more at However, in addition to that, I recently ordered us a book called Night Light Devotionals by Dr. James Dobson for us to read together and grow closer to God together. I am excited about starting it. Because not only do I need to be closer to God to benefit my marriage, but I need to be closer to God to benefit myself so that it can shine through to other people.

Even people that may make me mad.

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  1. Amber Buffett says:

    Kimberly, I enjoy reading your blogs and I totally feel ya on this one! I thought about going but I figured that language or material would be a factor and now I’m glad I didn’t try to find a babysitter and go! I hate being cussed at and I can totally imagine the look you gave him, because my look would be similar! :)
    That is so neat that your parents do a marriage seminar! I’ve been to a couple different oens and they are refreshing and very helpful! I love what you learned about pornography is damaging in marriage – something that society decides doesn’t recognize since it’s all about pleasing self first and thinking about your spouse laer.

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